Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Player Teams are Named

VGSR and Blue Ridge Shadows Golf Club will be hosting 30 teams of golfers at our upcoming Tournament and Auction. Each lucky team will be associated with a VGSR alumni or foster who has a story to tell. Each golf cart will have a picture of the dog and the teams will be known, for the day, by the dog’s name. We believe this is a fitting reminder of the Tournament and Auction message –“ It’s all about the DOGS.”

We wish the best to all the teams and hope that they are as lucky as the dogs they will represent for the day. Because of the role that VGSR played in the life of these dogs, they found love in their foster and/or forever homes:

Artemis; Axle; Black Jack; Brandy; Brody; Bruno; Bubba; Cagney; Chase; Dakota; Diesel FKA Dago; Duchess; Hasso; Java; Kacy; Leo, Krieger, Tyson; Lilly; Man; Max; Nani; Rambo; Ranger; Ransom; Rex; Rocky; Rosa; Salena; Sasha; Teddy; and Trooper

As you wander the golf course and club house, please ‘checkout’ the golf carts. These dogs represent VGSR and the thousands of dogs that have been rescued, by us. We cannot do it, though, without the continued generous support of our Donors, Sponsors, Adopters, and Volunteers.

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