Saturday, September 4, 2010

Meet some wonderful VGSR Alumni

Everyone loves to see our "working dogs" as they host our golfers and guests. Dogs will meet and greet our guests and represent the true purpose of VGSR. Dogs, with handlers, will witness the Hole-in-one competition as well as interact with players and participants throughout the day – on the golf course and near the clubhouse. We are also planning a "Parade of Rescue" during the Awards Dinner when each dog will be formally introduced.

Please plan on joining us for the 3rd Annual VGSR Golf Tournament and Auction and meet the following 4 legged VGSR representatives:

Rosa, Lexie, Hunter, Buddy, Duchess, Luka, Lexie (2),Teddy, Ginger, Raleigh, Athena, Jazz, Cierra, Rommel, Bear, Kane, Sparky, and Jane

These splendid dogs exemplify the true spirit behind VGSR and the wonderful families that adopt.

We thought we would share some of their early stories:
Teddy joined the VGSR family when he was 6 months old. Prior to this, Teddy was left outside chained to a tree. One of the men in the house would come out and kick Teddy around while he was still chained and did this repeatedly. A concerned neighbor convinced the owners to let her have the poor beaten puppy. However, her dogs would not allow Teddy into the house. So while Teddy was out of danger, he was still stuck out in the cold during the end of December. She called the VGSR hotline - Teddy was our "Christmas Call" that year. There is one every year; a call on the hotline during the week of Christmas of a shepherd in immediate danger. When VGSR met Teddy, he was a beautiful black and tan puppy weighing in at 85 lbs. However, it was clear that his right eye was damaged. VGSR sent him to a eye specialist. The diagnosis was that he was permanently blind due to trauma to the eye. The terrible beginning to his life was unable to take away Teddy’s wonderful personality. His foster family made their home Teddy's forever home. He is a "take anywhere doggie". He is a wonderful companion and a delight. He has never been much of a kisser, but he is an amazing leaner and snuggler!!!!

Luka was dropped from the back of a truck, together with two other dogs. These abandoned dogs were brought to the Clarke County Animal shelter in Berryville. While Luka’s buddies were adopted from the shelter, Luka was not so lucky. He waited from September until November until he was brought to VGSR’s attention. A shy boy, he spent his time hiding in his kennel so nobody noticed him. VGSR stepped forward and Luka moved in with his exceptional foster mom who took the time to find the perfect adoptive home for Luka. Luka is mainly chow-chow and keeshond - we are not really sure where the GSD part in him is- but this did not matter after his forever family met him and looked into his eyes. He went home with them and they successfully helped him with housebreaking, fear and weight issues, confidence building and obedience. It took Luka six months to blossom and to no longer be fearful of his dad or other men, but it was all worth it. His human parents are truly grateful that VGSR saved their mellow mutt for them. Luka is now almost 7 years old and lives with his sister GSD Lexie (see below) and cats Harry and Sally. His wagging tail and dancing bear performances are truly bliss to watch. His adoption also encouraged the family to start fostering and volunteering for the rescue.

Lexie (f/k/a Dixie) was left to starve; tied up in an empty apartment in Dublin, Virginia, with another dog. There was no food, just a garbage can and while the other dog was able to eat some garbage, Lexie could not reach it. There were also cats in the small apartment roaming for food. Pulaski County Humane Society was alerted when neighbors heard the noises from the apartment. Lexie was picked up totally underweight and in poor condition. This was April 18, 2007. It was end of May when Lexie came into VGSR and fostered by the same foster as Luka’s. Luka’s family was looking for a GSD to add to their family and to be Luka’s companion. Lexie is a petite girl – possible a GSD mix. She runs like a gazelle and is beauty in motion. Lexie who is now 4 years old, is playful, sweet but still freaks out over tall men with sticks, garbage cans and mailboxes. She either bolts or lunges, but as the saying goes “barking dogs do not bite”, she doesn’t. She would rather lick someone silly. Best of all, she nicely complements her brother Luka who is more mellow and laid-back. When there are foster dogs at the house, she is a great test dog and always has a way of bringing them out of their shell. It is her way of saying thank you to the rescue who saved her!

Duchess was a stray who had trouble finding food. When she joined the VGSR family, she was just a wiggly bunch of skin and bones. Less than a week after coming into foster care, Duchess went to her first VGSR adoption day and met her forever family. Everything sad about her story was suddenly in the past. Her new parents think she’s perfect but they don’t ‘sweat the little stuff.” For instance, it took Duchess 2 days to figure out how to leap up the stairs 3 or 4 at a time, and another year to finally start actually walking up stairs like a lady. The day she figured that out, she must have done it 50 times in between running back and forth to get someone to watch. Duchess would rather catch a ball or a Frisbee or a stick or go swimming than eat. She’s always the last dog standing at the dog park and is always ready to play. Duchess is a social butterfly and the social director at her local dog park; always making new 2 and 4 legged friends.

Come "TEE OFF FOR RESCUE" and/or take part in the auction and join us for dinner. Cheer on the golfers as they compete, shop and bid the auction, enjoy the scenic course and the clubhouse and be on hand for the Parade of Rescue at the Awards Dinner.

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