Thursday, September 30, 2010

One More Day

TWAS the day before the tournament, and all through the house;
ALL HELPERS are hustling, including the mouse!
Truck has been loaded, with treasures galore;
Artwork, collectibles, dog goodies and much much more!

GREAT DOGS are lined up, and ready to host;
Above everyone there, they say the most!
"Your support gave us the chance to live;
More dogs will benefit because you give."

GOLFERS are registered, ready to play;
124 on board for a SOLD OUT day!
Let's all hope someone makes that "Hole-In-One";
Lots of money and lots of fun!

SPONSORS are proudly displayed on their sign,
And soon will be listed "In Gratitude" on line.
Gold Stars have been added for each year they do,
Please support those who support our rescue!

The AUCTION is full of things so fine;
Check out the CATALOG, posted on line...
You still have today to place a bid,
Win an item and be glad you did!

WISH you all could be here;
If not, give the event a long distance cheer!
To all volunteers, we give a big "THANK YOU"
For all you have done and continue to do!

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