Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Highlight on IMA GOODGURL

Introducing IMA Goodgurl who is looking for her fantastic forever home:

So who is looking for a sweet dog, with LOADS of personality?  Ima Goodgurl has made us laugh more than any other dog we have ever fostered.  One of her favorite hobbies is singing – you can make Ima break into a tune by just making a face at her.  She goes back and forth from talking, to singing, to full-fledged howling!  And of course when the howling begins, she is joined by Jada, (my other foster) as well as my two “forever” dogs, Sister and Sasha.  But there is no doubt that Ima is the director of the chorus.
IMA before joining the VGSR Family
Ima, through no fault of her own, ended up at a local animal shelter after the death of her owner.  She was a nervous wreck during her incarceration.  In spite of her being half scared to death, you could tell what a sweet, sweet girl she is by just spending a couple of minutes with her.  She is a quirky girl who likes to push her ample backside up against you in hopes of getting a butt scratch.  Ima is very happy to cuddle with anyone who will pay attention to her.  Her house manners are impeccable so she does not need to be in a crate when you are at work.  She can spend hours happily gnawing on a rawhide or chew bone.   Her only bad habit in the house is her propensity to explore trashcans that are within her reach.  She likes to curl up in bed or on the sofa with you, but is always polite enough to wait for an invitation.  Once she gets settled in the bed, she is down for the night and does not move a muscle until morning. 
She is a little bit of a nervous rider in the car, so I don’t think a life style with a long-distance trucker would be a good choice for her.  Ima is very tolerant with dogs of all sizes.  We have a little beagle-basset mix that we pet sit fairly frequently and Ima even gets along well with our visiting guest.  She is barky when she sees other dogs during a walk, but if you have the opportunity to get close to the other dog(s), she is fine with them.  Although she has not been exposed to a cat, I have a strong feeling that she would be fine with one. 

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