Monday, September 3, 2012

Breweries Support VGSR!

Lady's seal of approval!
Two local breweries, Blue Mountain Brewery and Starr Hill Brewery, made donations to the upcoming Auction.  One of our volunteers offered to pick up the baskets and, as many of our German Shepherds love to ride in the car, he took one of his fosters, Lady, along for the trip.  He reports that Lady, a senior GSD, is such a good passenger!  She can't stand in a moving vehicle as she's too wobbly for that, so she just lies quietly in the back and enjoys the sites.

Both of the gift baskets from the breweries are similar- an (empty) growler, a couple glasses, and a variety of other items presented in a galvanized ice bucket with the brewery's logo.  Both are very nice and the generosity of both breweries is greatly appreciated.  

Lady epitomizes the goals of the rescue and the need for the fundraising effort.  She's a senior dog, which are often more costly in terms of vet care, and this one has a number of known medical problems.  We probably won't recoup any of the cost through an adoption fee because she's pretty much unadoptable.  Financially speaking, she will be a drain on the rescue even though we aren't going to do anything heroic for her medically.  But we aren't in this to make a buck, the goal is to save dogs. She needs and deserves the best care we can give her even if it's only to keep her well fed, pain-free, happy and comfortable in a loving home for as long as possible.
Starr Hill is in Crozet, Blue Mountain is out in Nelson County.  Stop by the breweries for some great beer and to let them know you appreciate their support of VGSR.  Come to the Auction and bid generously on these and the other wonderful items we are offering.

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