Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pet Tributes

I would hazard a guess that most of the people reading this blog have at least one pet in their home – a dog, cat, bird, turtle, lizard or other.

The initial reasons for getting a pet may vary - companionship and security are just two reasons but ultimately, our world involves LOVE. We love our pets and, within a very short time, new pets become cherished family members. We enjoy telling people about our pets, showing their pictures and reliving their adventures.

VGSR is pleased to offer you the opportunity to “talk” about your pet – either a current pet, a friend or relative's pet, or one who has passed onto the Rainbow Bridge. You can be a “Sponsor” in our upcoming Golf Tournament. It's easy and each Tournament Sponsorship level comes with a personalized sign which can be used to honor your favorite pet(s). So, show everyone how much you love Max or Princess or King or Brandi or…. (you get the picture!).

Share the Love and help benefit some great dogs in the process. The two most popular sponsorship levels are Best Friend ($100) and Puppy Love ($500) but there are other options, too. Let’s hear from you. Remember, it’s all about the dogs.

Look under "Important Documents" on the right and get your sponsorship registration in now.

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