Saturday, May 11, 2013

Native American Treasures for Silent Auction!

14" Diameter- Top of Drum

Bottom of Drum

 Native American drums and shaman drums of the famous Squaxin Indians are rustic Native drums made by hand. The Squaxin are the native people of South Puget Sound, Washington State.  They are descendants of the maritime people who lived and prospered along these shores for untold centuries.    Because of their strong cultural connection with the water, they are also known as the People of the Water.

Shaman Native American drums sometimes called spirit drums or heart drums are made with a piece of native yellow pine or cedar bent into the shape of the drum. Thin goat ( or other animal) skin rawhide is stretched over one side, completely covering the drum ring to form a sturdy hand drum laced toward the four directions of the earth and forming a good hand hold on the back.  These drums typically sell for $150 or more.

Shaman drums and shamanism has come to be a general term used to refer to traditional beliefs and practices using a shaman’s drum and other instruments and articles by people, mostly men who claim the ability to cure human illness. Shamans have also said to be able to control things like weather which are beyond the control of ordinary men and such things as interpreting dreams. Shamanistic drumming practices using shaman drums is prevalent around the world and their drums have also been called healing drums or medicine drums.


Quilt Measures 78" x 78" and is Displayed on Queen Size Bed
"One-of-a-Kind", similiar quilts sell for $125 or More!
Star Quilts carry on a rich Native American tradition, and honor that tradition. The Star Quilt has been a part of Native American tradition and medicine for hundreds of years. It is a symbol of the Morning or Dawn Star. Star Quilts have been used for beauty, warmth and healing, and is even a very important part of many Native American Ceremonies. For example a Star Quilt is wrapped around the bride and groom as part of many traditional wedding ceremonies.

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