Monday, August 20, 2012

Introducing Raven, a new member of the VGSR Family

Wonder why we do what we do?  This little girl's story may help you understand why the upcoming Golf Tournament and Auction fundraiser is so important as it provides funds to help us care for dogs similar to Raven

This sweet beautiful girl is Raven.  Raven's story is not unique but even after years rescuing and fostering it still breaks my heart to see neglect and/or abuse of these wonderful dogs.  Raven's previous owner of 6 years, bred her and shortly after her puppies were old enough to be taken from her, dumped her in an overcrowded shelter.  Raven arrived in the shelter severely underweight with an eye infection and mange.  The shelter felt Raven needed a second chance at a good life and contacted VGSR.  In the couple weeks at the shelter, Raven put on a few pounds, and in her very short time with us, is eating very well and should be putting on more weight in no time.  We are also working to get rid of her infection, mange, and hopefully grow some of her missing hair back.  Through all the recent change she has gone through, and even with the pain and discomfort she has been in, Raven has remained so incredibly sweet and loving.  She hasn't had much training but she wants nothing more than to please her humans.  She is a typical velcro GSD and follows her humans everywhere.  Since she has been in some pain and discomfort we think her true personality is still coming out but from what we've seen so far, she is a great dog.  She rides well in a car, is very well behaved at the vet, is calm and patient when being bathed, and just really wants to be loved.  In her foster home, she's living with 3 other GSDs. We understand that she lived with children between the ages of 7-9 and did wonderfully with them. 

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