Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Yes, We Can

Some people don't understand the concept of "Rescue" and question why anyone would go out of their way to adopt a dog that has been given up, neglected, or abandoned.  These people often have not been lucky enough to meet a "Rescue" and don't understand the love that these dogs provide, thousand times over or their potential to achieve.  All they need is the love and support of their adoptive family.  We thought we would share Flower's success with you, as told by her Mom:

"We are happy to let you know that our "little girl" has not only turned into a beauty, she has passed the test to be a certified (TDI) - Therapy Dogs International - a couple of weeks ago. I mailed all the requirements to the TDI establishment last week - and we are exciting about helping those less fortunate and hope to bring joy to children, adults and those that may need comfort.

On their site (TDI) they say that therapy dogs are "born" with the "inherant temperament" be a therapy dog. This is so true for our little Flower. She is not only beautiful - but she is so well behaved, very smart and we are very proud of her. She is a happy dog, very content in our home and we are so grateful to Christine Young who brought her over here for the "home visit". We have had her almost a year now, and it is as though she belongs here and we were meant to be her family.

She now weighs 45 pounds, looks more like a Border Collie - and she is strikingly gorgeous. I get the comment on how beautiful and gorgeous she is from young and old whenever we go for a walk.

She is so very loved by her mom and dad. Her and her "brother" Charlie love each other so much and now protect each other when we visit the Dog Park.  Thanks to the Dog Park, it made her even more social."
Please support the upcoming Golf Tournament and Auction -  be a sponsor, donate an auction item, play in the tournament, attend the dinner, bid and win at the auction.  There are so many ways you can support our great dogs and have a wonderful time in the process.    

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